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Technical requirements for
the use of drias iQ

Internet access

Our survey software runs with all modern browsers in the current version with default settings (JavaScript and cookies activated).

Please ensure that all survey participants have access to Drias web servers. If not all employees have unlimited Internet/Web access, activation of Web Proxies / Firewalls / Web Gateways etc. is required.

Please allow all survey participants to access the following URLs (HTTP and HTTPS, each for all subdirectories):

With the following link you can access our test questionnaire:

The test was successful if the home page could be accessed.

Please note that this is a test link that can be used as often as you like. The tester is designed in such a way that you always enter the start page. The welcome page is currently only created as a draft, as it is first of all about the fact that you can test the server accessibility.



If you want to send invitations by e-mail, make sure that all survey participants can be reached by e-mail.

If necessary, an activation (so-called whitelisting) on mail servers / mail gateways / anti-spam systems is required to ensure that the e-mails are not rejected or end up in a spam folder.

The authenticity of the sender  can be checked via the SPF record. TLS encryption is used if your mail servers support it ("Preferred TLS").

All emails from drias are sent in tranches of 30 emails per minute.

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